Weekly horoscope about Capricorn


To-the-moon mood at the beginning of the week: desire for personal affirmation through the activities you will engage in these days. Venus enters Leo from Monday 5/6 and, combined with Mars, invites you to renew not only with colleagues and business associates for big business ventures, but also in your love relationships, where who knows you want to reshape couple harmony with some transgression. In a pump of practicality in the middle part: you are quick to assess the feasibility of situations that come your way in terms of “value.” Weekend in a bullish mood: Saturn’s effect wants you to take responsibility on the issue of communication, trying to establish your own way of sharing your ideas or conveying a message, which is usually hidden behind words (even unspoken ones). Mercury enters Gemini from Sunday 11/6 and your mind becomes charged with logic and analysis, and you become a problem-solver in your own right.