Weekly horoscope about Capricorn


The week gets off to a bullish start in mood: the Full Moon in Virgo on Tuesday 7/3 puts all your personal “discoveries” in lightning-mode, just now that you are experiencing a period devoted to communication. But that’s not all, Saturn enters Pisces from Tuesday 7/3 and marks the three-year period in which your roadmap of responsibilities will travel in the house of “conveying a message.” You may have challenges therefore concerning the way you speak or think, or divulge something, committing yourself to discovering different points of view and rigorously choosing your own. Mood volatility in the middle part: probable arguments in the family over issues even related to the home could make you nervous, but nothing serious! Weekend in mood bull run: you are more inspired, openminded and light-hearted, with a desire to project yourself into the future made of progress and innovation