Weekly horoscope about Gemini


Early week mood pump&dump: Mercury returns active in Gemini from Monday 13/6 and this means that the mental sphere goes into a personal affirmation pump, with ideas and thoughts that are clearer, limpid! Not only that, the Full Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday 14/6 lights up your revolutionized, evolved Bitcoin Whitepaper and you’re ready to launch it mainstream! You feel a bit split between your previous blockchain and the one you are about to launch! More in balance in the middle part, but already by Friday you are bullish: in emotional relationships you are in HODL-mode but you have contemplated all the merits and faults of your partner and soon, you will decide, whether to continue with this roadmap for two or if, you want to change! Also with colleagues you have observed more and what aspects there are perhaps to change for your personal affirmation. Weekend with volatile Sunday: you dream about how to improve your status in life.