Weekly horoscope about Gemini


Mood volatility early in the week: it’s time to pass the lightning torch! And indeed, the new Sun in Cancer on Tuesday 21/6 ushers in your “capital gain” period and it’s time to think about which assets to set a nice long on. With your mood more in balance, you try to work out what feasible ideas you would like to implement in the future… perhaps by talking it over with friends, who always know how to advise you! You HODL and observe the market at the end of the week: a great time to analyze or find inspiration for your roadmap! Venus in Gemini from Thursday 23/6 brings “affirmation” in love and work relationships… and if you know what you want, it’s now as you say, otherwise, that’s the door! Sunday with a to-the-moon mood: this new energy makes you feel like a warrior of your own light, destined to shine!