Weekly horoscope about Gemini


Pump of practicality at the beginning of the week: assess whether some of your projects are feasible or not. More in a bullish mood in the middle part: the new Sun in Aries from Wednesday 20/3 inaugurates the stage of your roadmap dedicated to “creating a vision” and it is time to project yourself into your near future, with innovation. Who knows, in your mental metaverse you have already created future scenarios of yourself and your surroundings, now you need to believe in this reality as well. Not only that, the new Mars in Pisces from Friday 22/3 asks you to check whether your plans really reflect your ambitions. Even in relationships, you are focused on who is serious about you, despite the fact that you are the most playful sign of the zodiac. Weekend with volatile mood: home & family matters make you a bit nervous and don’t make you relax as much as you would like