Weekly horoscope about Gemini


Mood bullish at the start of the week: with the Full Moon in Lunar Eclipse in Libra on Monday 25/3, there is an inner courage to be found and brought out, so that you can express yourself to the full and feel fully satisfied. You are in the midst of creating a vision, a projection of your roadmap to the future, and there is first of all to figure out what the avatar of your innovative metaverse, you, will look like! In bull runs of mood in the middle part too: you take care of the details of your plan, and organise your time so that you can enjoy your free time too. With relationships and your personal plans you are still a bit stuck, checking how to realise your ambitions, if the structure holding them up is strong enough. Easter weekend with the mood in pump&dump: your heart is pumping and who knows there is melancholy, or it happens that a misunderstanding with your partner spoils the festive sentiment!