Weekly horoscope about Gemini


Mood volatility early in the week: issues at work make you dull or too stressed. Amazing how under the holiday season the system goes crazy, every single year! Luckily, in the middle part you come back more in a bull run mood: you feel like inspired, light, and a good time to think about how to upgrade your personal projects. In relationships, on the other hand, you take care of those you love, organizing your time together so that you live it in well-being, especially with your partner. In the final part, you are in HODL observing the changing astrological market: the new Sun in Capricorn from Friday, 12/22 inaugurates your roadmap stage devoted to “transformation” and how to leave who you were to fully be who you have become. To-the-moon mood on Christmas Eve Sunday: you get back to feeling like the protagonist of your life!