Weekly horoscope about Gemini


To-the-moon mood early in the week: experience Christmas with a spirit of personal affirmation…no more getting caught up in past situations! Mood in pump of practicality in the middle part: the Full Moon in Cancer on Wednesday, 12/27 puts the actual feasibility of making the transformations you’ve been meditating on in lightning! Kind of like how you’d like to touch on the changes you want to make to your roadmap now. Weekend with a bullish mood, although Venus enters Sagittarius from Friday 29/12 and ushers in the hard-fork phase of your relationships! There is a need to reflect deeply on the current balances you have with your relationships, and mark where you wish to upgrade to elevate that harmony.  By New Year’s Eve 2024, in your market, the “sense of belonging” asset marks a pump, and if there’s one thing you want to do, it’s toast to those who make you feel like family!