Weekly horoscope about Gemini


Start the week in a bullish mood: you breathe a new air of creativity, curiosity and inspiration ready to enlighten you and make you the bright one of the zodiac. Then again, you are now deepening your “Bitcoin” stage, which breaks in and revolutionizes the entire financial market thanks to peer-to-peer theory. More in pump of organization in the middle part: you are more detail-oriented to grasp the logic behind everything as well. Ultimately, even in relationships, you are more practical and concrete, with a lot of desire to enjoy the beauties of the harmonies of your relationships. Mood pump&dump weekend: the Full Moon in Sagittarius on Sunday, 4/6, invites you to launch your whitepaper 3.0 to the public, putting you in focus on the key points you want to evolve about your person and the roadmap of your personal projects.