Weekly horoscope about Gemini


Mood volatility early in the week: Mercury enters Taurus from Monday 3/4 and puts your thoughts in HODL-mode and you observe your surroundings. You are less active in processing your brilliant ideas, preferring to probe the reference market. More in a bullish mood in the middle part: the Full Moon in Libra on Thursday 6/4 puts you in lightning in this visioning phase about your future. All projected, in fact, you look for yourself and how you would like to see yourself in your next steps. In relationships you continue to listen to the other person and assess whether his or her needs are reflected with yours, or if there is a possibility of harmonization. Weekend in a bullish mood: an Easter in relaxation and wellness, an excuse to relax your mind so you can see the answers you need, perhaps taking a trip to a spa that doesn’t hurt!