Weekly horoscope about Libra


Bull run mood at the start of the week: you’re light, inspired and freer from the too much paranoia you sometimes get. And in fact, Mercury enters Taurus from Wednesday 15/5 and in the mental metaverse, you’re back free of FUD and FOMO and ready to revamp the look of your avatar with new NFTs of fashionable clothes or gaming paraphernalia. You are in your transformation phase, and it is important now to do something that shows off your inner change. HODLer mood in observing the market in the middle part: there is an urge to look around, perhaps even to take some cues. In relationships, you find yourself being more sensual than usual, and who knows you may have already succumbed to some healthy transgression with someone interesting. On Weekends the mood is to-the-moon: you might experience a new situation that makes you feel more affirmed and happy.