Weekly horoscope about Libra


A pump&dump start to the week: Mercury returns direct from Monday, and all your self-change considerations are now more enlightened, while relationships, especially work ones, need a thorough ‘check’! The middle of the week is more bullish: Jupiter moves into Taurus from Thursday 16 May, freeing you from the deep confrontations you have been having about your personal expansion and growth. Who knows, you may finally find the happiness you deserve, perhaps by turning situations in your favour. Not only that, but the New Moon in Taurus on Friday the 17th adds intense emotion to your desire for renewal. A bull-run weekend: Mars enters Leo on Saturday 20 May, spurring you on to create a new vision for your future endeavours, while the New Sun in Gemini on Sunday 21 May kicks off your month dedicated to ‘exploration’ and the discovery of new horizons, experiences and metaverses