Weekly horoscope about Libra


Mood To-The-Moon of the week’s beginning: your evaluations on any topic, leaving everyone speechless, finding out what you really want to assert yourself in. It’s strange if you’re the one doing it since you’re the most indecisive of the zodiac, caught up in your pros-and-cons of all situations, but the desire for redemption in work and love is now at the center of your thoughts! In a pump of concreteness in the middle part: in love, you look for how to make all your inspirations real, with a view to a future more in line with your idea of a couple! Weekend in mood bullish: with the First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius on Saturday, 3/9 decide to meet with friends to communicate what you are deciding to include in this closing/opening cycle baggage of yours, how you are preparing, and what you are shorting out of your life for good!