Weekly horoscope about Libra


A volatile mood at the beginning of the week: “home & family” issues might make you a little nervous! Actually, the new Venus in Virgo on Monday, 5/9 puts the relationship sector, love, and even partnerships in HODL: there is a need to reflect on who and how you are worth your attention and dedication…evaluating all the vicissitudes of the past year. More in mood bullish in the middle part: you’ve been putting yourself out there with a strong sense of responsibility for more than a year, boldly showing your talents but also your insecurities…and this makes you feel like a hero now! Follow in mood pump even in the final part: the Full Moon in Pisces on Saturday, 10/9, asks you to color this period of reflection on everything that makes you feel like “married,” from projects to your partner! Sunday in mood pump&dump: perhaps your motives are being criticized by the nodes in your network!