Weekly horoscope about Libra


Pump of concreteness early in the week, followed by some bullish sharing: you’re celebrating some payback you’ve been working on in some situations! Just in time, as the cycle devoted to your personal expression, talent, and all the courage you’ve pulled out is also coming to an end! Jupiter in opposition for a while now is not the best in terms of luck and expansion, but this is just a wait-and-see that will soon be over nagging you. Mood volatility in the final part: in relationships you are more “selfish” than usual, and you feel like thinking first about your priorities and then about others, something that not everyone accepts from you, however! Weekend more in bull run in mood: the new Sun in Pisces on Saturday, 18/2 ushers in the new stage of “wellness” and who knows you start a new sport or simply organize and take actions aimed at taking care of you!