Weekly horoscope about Libra


Pump&dump of the beginning of the week: Ferragosto is a bit nervous especially for love-related issues! Your partner or some new acquaintance has made your day grey, and who knows there might have even been an argument! Luckily you’re experiencing a time when friends are coming back in hype, and you’re ready to value every moment with them! More in a bullish mood in the middle: there’s some change to be made, but you don’t know what it is specifically yet. You’re experiencing relationships in a friendlier way, with a desire to share inspirations, futuristic visions, and launch into talks that also involve progress and technological innovations. More in a bull run over the weekend: new Mars in Gemini from Saturday 20/8 brings “exploration”, “travel”, and “movement” to your personal project roadmap and this is great for giving your ventures a more expansive feel, even if there’s work to be done!