Weekly horoscope about Libra


Bullish mood on Monday: as in “the calm before the storm,” yes but internal. In fact, the mood goes into pump&dump over the next few days: the second New Moon in Aries in Solar Eclipse on Thursday, 20/4 causes you to experience a second hard-fork, or inner split, from which to then let in a new light for good. A kind of stop-and-go you will see in a specific situation you are experiencing. Not only that, the Sun enters Taurus on Thursday 20/4 and ushers in your “renewal” stage, a kind of “leave who you were, and become who you are.” There is an urge to change your mood and feel like you are performing on every front. In relationships, you are much more open-source, open to listening and understanding interesting new mindsets. Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus from Friday, 21/4, and invites you to think about any vendettas swirling around in your head. Weekend with mood in bull run: craving movement, out-of-town trips or immersive adventurous experiences.