Weekly horoscope about Libra


HODLing and observing the market early in the week: Mercury enters Taurus from Monday 3/4 and finally come restorative thoughts, smelling of renewal and coming out of a “long tunnel” you’ve had to live through so far. To-the-moon mood in the middle part: the Full Moon in Libra on Thursday 6/4 puts your personal affirmation in lightning during this period of inner “hard-fork” (or splits) you’ve been experiencing. Who knows, you may have recently experienced a “love wound,” well in that case know that it is the cracks that let in the “light,” and then prepare to welcome it. In relationships, you are already reshaping relationships by tuning them to your frequencies. Weekend in pump of concreteness: you want to live Easter surrounded by what “values” mean to you, namely family, friends, a nice table full of good food and a lot of self-love.