Weekly horoscope about Libra


Mood volatility early in the week: home&family issues bore you a little, but it’s something entirely transitory! The mood immediately goes into a pump in the following days: the Full Moon in Aquarius on Tuesday 1 August puts your self-esteem, talents, and courage in lightning-mode, and you feel more of a protagonist than usual in your life. You are projecting into your future, experiencing the novelties of the moment with even unconventional people, who knows you need to “lose yourself to find yourself.” More in bullish mood in the final part: there is a desire for well-being, to take care of yourself and those you love, indeed, Saturn of requires you to do it with all the responsibility and seriousness of the case. Weekend in pump&dump mood: who knows some FUD or FOMO is confusing your mind about your partner or business associate…keep calm and breathe!