Weekly horoscope about Pisces


Bull run mood at the beginning of the week: you are more eventful than usual, full of enthusiasm! More volatile, on the other hand, in the middle part: you already wish you had realized new dreams, but really these are just goals; the hardest but also most satisfying part is the journey you have to make to reach them. With the Sun in Aquarius from Friday, 20/1, you enter your month as a “HODLer,” and so you prepare to evaluate assets and observe markets and new opportunities so you understand your current situation, your starting point in this new year. Even in relationships, you are more isolated and lonely, but only because you need to take space for your own reflections. Over the weekend, the New Moon in Aquarius also arrives, and inwardly the “baggage preparation” phase begins, and you decide what to hold and what to shorts to get off to a great start.