Weekly horoscope about Pisces


Airdrop of sweetness at the beginning of the week: you finally feel some lightness from the work commitments of the last month. The new Sun in Capricorn from Tuesday 21/12, ushers in your month of originality, progress and friendship! It’s time to get together with your friends, meet new, more unconventional ones, and talk about the future. Bull run mood in the central part: you have a sky that pumps you to dream and believe in your ideals, a little blocked on the side of personal initiatives because of some hiccups with work, while in the last year with great commitment and responsibility you have provided your DYOR – Do Your Own Research on some topics that you are renewing. During the Christmas weekend there will be some bearish moods probably due to your problematic relationship with your partner, but you certainly won’t give up the magic of this day. Merry Christmas!