Weekly horoscope about Pisces


Early week Bullish: This year’s somewhat bitter Christmas celebrations have been successfully overcome! Then in the middle part, you’re even more in the pump! Jupiter in Pisces on Wednesday, 29/12 has you scoring an ATH All-Time High of good fortune: it’s time to affirm your dreams and give them the space to come true! After a year of studying and observing, now is your time! On New Year’s Eve 2022, the mood volatility of the holidays returns; this time, the focus brings it a certain dissatisfaction at the level of life status that you want to improve! But don’t think about that now, and enjoy the moment! Sunday, the New Moon in Capricorn and Mercury in Aquarius, puts you more on the bull run: on the one hand, you feel with all your might your true friendships to focus on and the progress you want to live, while on the other your thoughts are more quiet and observant than usual. Happy 2022!