Weekly horoscope about Pisces


To-the-moon mood: the New Sun in Aries from Monday 20/3, accompanied by the New Moon in Aries on Tuesday 21/3 ushers in your “value” month, and now is the time to assess the feasibility of ideas, projects and whether their implementation will bring you the capital gain you desire. You are more concrete, practical and rational to understand if the path you take will be the one that can really satisfy you and fill your pockets. More in a bullish mood in the final part: in relationships you are a talker, you feel like going out and having fun without thinking too much, but just for the sake of sharing! Weekend mood volatile: Mars enters Cancer from Saturday 25/3 and if there is business to be done now is the time to pull out courage, talent and passion, then if the business is to be saved, then you are quite the hero of the moment.