Weekly horoscope about Pisces


Start the week in a bullish mood: an immense desire for renewal assails you, even making you think about some transgression! Not only that, on the line is the new Mercury entering Cancer from Tuesday, 27/6, and your mind lights up with courageous, passionate thoughts, full of your distinct talent for sweetening even the most edgy situations. Then again, you are now living your moment dedicated to expression, and everything you experience feels like doing it as a hero. In a bullish mood in the middle part as well: a dive into some spiritual metaverse is what it takes to feel your soul alive! In relationships, you are of total self-love and that is, you know that by taking care of yourself, you attract those who are really interested. Weekend with a volatile mood: try not to let a few hiccups experienced at work spoil your mood; it’s all passing.