Weekly horoscope about Pisces


Mood volatility early in the week: with the New Moon in Gemini on Monday 30/5 you meditate inwardly on ‘home & family’ issues that need to be addressed once and for all. Yes, the time has come to devote yourself to what could be a move or new roles in the family. In the middle part, you are back in a more balanced mood: in the pump of concreteness your initiatives and personal growth. In emotional relationships, you now feel like communicating, executing zero-fee transactions of ideas with your partner, but also with co-workers and bosses! Weekend in mood bullish: while you are thinking about taking care of yourself, Saturn Retrograde from Saturday 4/6 requires you to slow down your race to ‘transcendence’ of your life status and reflect on what you are really letting go of and what, instead, you want to embrace and live to the full!