Weekly horoscope about Pisces


Start of the week in a bullish mood: wanting to feel inspired and lighter, free in some ways…. Immediately the mood then turns to HODLing and observing the market: the Full Moon in Aquarius on Tuesday 1 August puts your classic sense of “sacrifice,” your closing and opening cycles, and your transcendental way of being into lightning. You’re going through a phase of reorganizing your roadmap, taking care of the details, and who knows whether this airdrop of deep feelings will help you experience personal well-being in other dimensions as well. To-the-moon mood in the final part: there’s personal affirmation in the air; indeed, Saturn in the sign forces you to take responsibility for “being” that person you’ve always dreamed of being. Weekend in practicality pump: urge to see if your ideas still under FUD and FOMO, are nevertheless feasible and achievable someday!