Weekly horoscope about Pisces


New Year 2024 in hard-fork spirit: an original mood to start the year…especially now that you’re creating the vision of yourself and your projects to project into your future. Who knows, Mercury returning direct from Tuesday 2/1 will put your thoughts back in motion, creating a metaverse where your ambitions reappear, perhaps with a more solid structure holding them up, able to see them as they would be if they were already a reality. Mood in bull run in the middle part: in relationships you are a bit on the verge, looking among the people you hang out with for those who seriously care or love you. Luckily, Mars enters Capricorn on Thursday 4/1 and pumps up your resourcefulness: there’s a desire to create new, more innovative, eco-friendly ventures. Weekend in bullish mood: craving for movement, a trip out of town or an outdoor run, as long as you free your mind!