Weekly horoscope about Sagittarius


In a practicality pump at the start of the week: you are determined to make a situation work. Venus enters Taurus from Monday 29/4, and even in relationships you are now more precise, taking care of details even in a perhaps fussy way, but looking for comfort in your connections. Not only that, Mars enters Aries from Tuesday 30/4 and your resourcefulness touches the ATH – All-Time High: if you have to push some personal project of yours, this is the right time. More in bullish mood in the middle part: desire to trade interesting and curious ideas. At the weekend, the mood is volatile: matters of home&family or feelings kidnap you and put your roadmap on standby for a moment. Sunday with the mood in bull run of satisfaction: some good news makes you feel proud of yourself, appreciated and with self-esteem going to-the-moon.