Weekly horoscope about Sagittarius


Mood pump&dump at the beginning of the week: you are experiencing Christmas a bit in the hard-fork spirit, where on the one hand you are too happy and on the other too sad and you are looking for a new balance..More in bullish mood in the middle part: the Full Moon in Cancer on Wednesday, 12/27 puts a personal transformation of yours in lightning right now as you are assessing the feasibility of your dreams. Who knows, there may need to be a change on a personal level in order to achieve what will lead to your desired capital gains soon. Weekend with a bull run mood: Venus enters Sagittarius from Friday, 12/29 and wants you to take the lead in relationships! It’s a good time for rebirth and personal affirmation in relationships so you can attract those who truly appreciate you for who you are! By New Year’s Eve 2024, in your market, the “ambition” asset marks a pump and if there’s one thing you want to do, it’s toast to your desire to improve your life status!