Weekly horoscope about Sagittarius


The week starts with a bullish mood: a mid-August bank holiday full of enthusiasm that makes you feel in full expansion and growth, just the way you like it! Who knows, you may be exploring new horizons not only intended for travel or the metaverse, but also inner ones that make you develop new theories and philosophies. Be careful not to go overboard and get confused with FUD and FOMO! More in pump of personal well-being and organization of ideas in the central part: maybe you ended up in a SPA or in a corner of paradise to enjoy, maybe with your partner! You live relationships with a desire for novelty and discovery! Weekend in a pump&dump mood: the new Mars in Gemini from Saturday 20/8 brings “hard-fork” in your personal projects and it’s time to make a nice deep reflection on how to continue with your roadmap of your enterprises… are the sacrifices paid off or do you need to make some changes?