Weekly horoscope about Sagittarius


Pump of concreteness at the beginning of the week: who knows, you’ve reached some new destination and are exploring to the fullest all it has to offer! Then again, you’re in the step of the roadmap dedicated to “travel” – physical, mental, or why not, virtual! More in a bullish mood in the central part: the new Venus in Leo from Thursday 11/8 puts your relationships in “motion” and who knows, maybe some new interesting contact will come along, maybe just while you’re on vacation, that is in line with your vibrations! If you’re in a couple, the urge is to immerse yourself in new experiences with your partner that will fuel your love everywhere! Not only that, with the Full Moon in Aquarius on Friday 12/8, the “communication” and desire to “transact” ideas go into lightning-mode, with thoughts at zero fees! Mood volatility over the weekend: a few calls from home or “reality” can make you nervous!