Weekly horoscope about Sagittarius


Bull run mood at the beginning of the week: you’re ready to pass the lightning torch to the next sign. And in fact, the new Sun in Capricorn from Tuesday 21/12, inaugurates your month dedicated to capital gains: get your wallet ready because you’ll see a lot! It’s time to evaluate the best new longs to make, those that respond to your ideals and that can make you feel fulfilled. The bullish mood continues during the week: you have a sky that speaks of concreteness, practicality and seriousness, with a nice pump in launching into your personal initiatives with enthusiasm. This year, your sense of responsibility has seen you working on your authentic message. Over the Christmas weekend you feel a little bearish: maybe you’re not a lover of conventional festivities or some obstacle has not allowed you to celebrate as you would have liked. Who cares? Peace and love is a state of mind! Merry Christmas!