Weekly horoscope about Sagittarius


Mood volatility at the start of the week: perhaps some family commitments or some arguments with your partner or colleagues are making you feel tired! Actually, this is a good moment, with the new Mars in Aries from Tuesday 24/5, the roadmap of personal projects wants you to be more of a stage player… and it is time to show everyone what you can do, with courage and enthusiasm! Only in this way will you obtain the fortune you desire! In the middle part the mood marks an ATH – All Time High of your talent: and you manage to fully express everything that comes into your head, even if it should be a FUD or FOMO. Weekend always bullish: with the new Venus in Taurus on Saturday 28/5 you organize your time, so that your free time is in the company of stimulating nodes, with whom you feel at the height of your ‘personal well-being’.