Weekly horoscope about Sagittarius


Mood pump&dump early in the week: possible disagreements with partners or co-workers! Who knows you are reflecting on how a certain new and authentic message you are communicating, having to do with your personal growth, is being received by your loved ones. In the middle part, you’re more bullish: you’ve been more rational for some time now, recognizing which of your ideas are feasible and which of your new goals are achievable, but more importantly, what kind of value they have for you! In relationships, you are now experiencing a period of “verify,” putting aside a bit of everyone to deal with some home and family issues that have been lingering for some time. Weekend you are in a bullish mood: with the Full Moon in Leo on Sunday 5/1 your philosophy goes into lighting just as you are focused on communication and your trading of ideas takes on more meaning for you and for everyone!