Weekly horoscope about Sagittarius


In organization pump at the beginning of the week: Mercury enters Gemini from Monday 3/6 and your mental metaverse is invaded by heavy FUD and FOMO on everything you feel like attached to… More in mood pump&dump in the middle part: the New Moon in Gemini on Thursday 6/6 along with the Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury, creates the Stellium in Gemini, and for you the “hard-fork” theme is in hype in every respect. There is a need now to reflect and find new balances by balancing all the pros-and-cons of your roadmap both in the personal, work, and with your contacts In relationships, you are now in a moment of “closure” with a view precisely to figuring out how to proceed with the upgrade. Weekend with mood in bull run of transformation: Mars enters Taurus from Sunday 9/6 and all your actions are aimed at putting priority on your personal well-being, a boon in this period of deep general reflection.