Weekly horoscope about Scorpio


Over-the-Counter spirit at the start of the week: lots of wanderlust and exploration in the air! And the new Sun in Virgo on Tuesday 23/8 ushers in your future-oriented “inspiration” month, making you friendlier than usual with a desire to share with your loved ones. Not only that, Uranus Retrograde in Taurus from Wednesday 24/8 makes you more thoughtful about everything related to connections, and all the unpredictability you’ve been able to handle well during this long “crypto winter”. Mood volatility in the central part: in love you are in verify-mode with your partner, evaluating how your relationship can improve your life status! With Mercury in Libra from Friday 26/8 you observe and analyze before speaking and expressing yourself! Weekend in a bullish  mood: the New Moon in Virgo on Saturday 27/8 enriches your desire to orient yourself to the future!