Weekly horoscope about Scorpio


HODLing and observing the market at the beginning of the week: Venus Retrograde in Leo begins and makes you be more reflective about your work relationships, who knows you look for who you can really count on. You are in the stage where the focus is on “improving your life status” and that is trying to get to more solid solutions for your future, perhaps first and foremost in work. To-the-moon mood in the middle part: a spirit of personal affirmation sees you more of a performing warrior than usual! Then, in the final part, you are more in the practicality pump: Mercury in Virgo from Friday 28/7 makes you more inspired than usual, with more original but also innovative new thoughts, all to be projected to your future, especially for your personal projects. Weekend sees you continue in a bullish mood: want to be in company, chatting with a nice trading of curious and open-minded ideas.