Weekly horoscope about Taurus


HODLing and observing the market at the beginning of the week: quietly, you pick up on all the signals so you determine with your rational mind which assets you are setting your energy longs on. To-the-moon mood in the middle part: you feel as affirmed about the investment sector, the ones that fully reflect your ideal of “value,” and from which you will want to get the capital gains you desire. Then again, you have a good ally in the house, Jupiter, pumping you to consciously expand into new horizons. In relationships, you favor anything to do with “home&family,” who knows putting in “verify” those who stand in your way. Weekend with the mood in the pump: the New Moon in Gemini on Sunday, 18/6, speaks of inwardness, inviting you to feel deeply your most hidden treasures, the ones you wouldn’t change even if the market were to decide it no longer appreciates them.