Weekly horoscope about Taurus


Mood bullish early in the week: you are inspired to discover new horizons, or dive into new metaverses! But watch out: Venus enters Leo from Monday 5/6 and, combined with Mars, invites you to put harmony in your home and family, in your nest, both as relationships and as your energy to undertake new ventures. Mood volatility in the middle part: unpredictable entanglements at work cause you to lose your holy patience…keep calm and look for concrete ways to resolve issues! Over the weekend you’re more in a bull run of mood: Saturn’s effect wants you to make an effort to create a new long-term vision to fall in love with, and who knows, the right ideas are coming these days! Not only that, Mercury enters Gemini from Sunday 11/6 and your mind is activated on the “value” sphere so you can quickly assess how to get the capital gains you desire.