Weekly horoscope about Taurus


The week starts off in a bull run of mood: you feel that all the latest discoveries you’ve made have made you more of a protagonist in your life! Immediately the mood becomes volatile: the Full Moon in Aquarius on Tuesday 1 August puts your lifestyle, the structure of your work, in lightning-mode, but try not to complain, if not to find solutions. You’re dealing with issues involving “home&family,” and who knows it’s time to harmonize your personal career ambitions with the needs of your nest, and vice versa. More in mood bullish in the final part: wanting to feel more inspired, light, projected somehow toward your future, indeed Saturn speaks clearly, you must take responsibility now, more than ever, for your future. Weekend HODLing and observing the market: you isolate yourself a bit to look at what’s going on around you, who knows to take some cues.