Weekly horoscope about Taurus


Monday with a volatile mood: you are “caught up” in “home & family” matters! Luckily, you’re already back in a bullish mood: the new Jupiter in Aries from Tuesday 10/5 marks an important change and puts you in HODL on your expansion! This means that it’s time to gather all the answers, observe the market, before understanding the new and great step of personal growth that awaits you! You are a HODLer in your relationships: with your partner and colleagues you remain “passive”, and then you “reflect” on what you are giving and receiving! How are you seen or considered by the nodes in your network? Weekend in a mood balance: ideal to recap all your ideas and maybe write them down in your Bitcoin Whitepaper 2.0. Weekend more in a mood dump: maybe you’re stuck on an issue with your partner or colleague, better breathe before you speak!