Weekly horoscope about Taurus


New Year 2024 with your passion in bullish: great mood to start the year…especially now that you are exploring new directions to take your roadmap! Who knows, Mercury returning direct from Tuesday 2/1 and will set your thoughts in motion again, creating a metaverse full of new things, different from your usual routine, so that you may have to change or reshape your ideas. In a bull run mood in the middle part: in the relational sphere, you are renewing your love or partnerships where there is merit! If you’re single, then, nothing prohibits the possibility that some healthy transgression may come knocking! Not only that, Mars enters Capricorn on Thursday 4/1 and pumps up your resourcefulness, asking you to face and overcome certain “limits”, so you can be at peace with your new ventures! Mood pump&dump during the weekend: you need to regain some spiritual balance!