Weekly horoscope about Virgo


Bullish mood at the beginning of the week: finally some planets free you from a period of verification! And in fact, Venus in Cancer from Monday 18/7 brings air of “future” in your relationships, love and work, and there is a desire to share with your friends the ideas of innovation and progress that you feel! Also in the central part you continue in a bullish mood: first Mercury then the Sun enter Leo from Tuesday 19/7 and Friday 22/7 respectively and inaugurate your month dedicated to “packing your baggage”! You’ll be more in HODL-mode observing the market, analyzing in detail what you’ll want to take with you on your next evolutionary journey! Have an immersive experience of what you’ve experienced in this your zodiac year that’s coming to its last leg. Volatile mood over the weekend: best to isolate yourself and be among your own ideas!