Weekly horoscope about Virgo


Start of the week in a bullish mood: you are inspired to look ahead, beyond, far, in full freedom! More in HODL-mode and observing the market in the middle: your reflective and deep thoughts are put under analysis, along with everything that’s going on around you! In your personal project roadmap you are still under scrutiny, looking for the right motivations to start new ventures that will improve your life status! A to-the-moon mood in the final part: your “blossoming” in relationships has made you softer and cuddlier than your usual rationality, a side of you that makes people fall in love! The New Sun in Libra from Friday 23/9 inaugurates your “capital gain” month and it’s time to set longs that will get you results in the future! Not only that, the New Moon in Libra on Sunday 25/9 supports you in these bets of yours!