Weekly horoscope about Virgo


Bullish mood early in the week: you feel a pump of freedom and lightness geared towards your future! The new Sun in Virgo from Tuesday 23/8 inaugurates your month as “Bitcoin in evolution” and you’re the star of the market, with a desire to bring out your 2.0 version, studying how to do it! Not only that, Uranus Retrograde in Taurus from Wednesday 24/8 makes you more reflective about your explorations done and all the unpredictability that you’ve managed well during this long “crypto winter”. HODLing and observing in the central part: in love you are more analytical than usual, evaluating which aspects of your partner (if any) make you more and more in love and which ones don’t matter so much. Mercury in Libra from Friday 26/8 makes you more concrete and practical in formulating your beloved solutions, at work and in life. Weekend with a to-the-moon mood: the New Moon in Virgo on Saturday 27/8 enriches your desire for personal affirmation with feelings, pushing you to write your Whitepaper 2.0!