Weekly horoscope about Virgo


The Christmas holidays continue with the bullish mood! Already in the middle part, however, the mood is in pump&dump, probably because partners or co-workers don’t let you savor your new 2023 that is just around the corner, but keep you anchored to the usual situations. In general, you’re in a period when you want to “bring out” all that you have inside, show your qualities with courage and passion, and why not, also get the attention you deserve. Even in relationships, you would like the other person to be more proud of you and what you do! In the final part you return to bull run in mood: Mercury in Capricorn turns retrograde from Thursday 29/12 forcing you to slow down with your super enlightening ideas, probably to reflect on what is received by others when you talk about them. New Year’s weekend with the mood in pump of enthusiasm and happiness!