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Copy trading: how it works and which are the best platforms

One of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms, Bitget, presents two of its flagship products: the insights and the novelty copy trading.

Bitget continues its crypto adoption efforts: the new fee-free SEPA channel

The new SEPA feature on Bitget and the latest news from the exchange

Bitget is the first CEX to launch copy trading in the spot market: the One-Click Copy Trade product

Leading crypto exchange Bitget performa One-Click Copy Trade product for copy trading

Bitcoin adoption 2023: the updated data

For the purpose of the analysis, six different metrics will be considered

Drake and the crazy bet: $1 million Bitcoin on the World Cup final

Singer Drake bet Bitcoin on Argentina's victory

New NFT launches: Habbo, Prada, Ledger, Reddit and Sorare

The digital world evolves so rapidly that it is often almost impossible to discover the latest news at the right time

Paris Saint-Germain: NFT tickets for the Japan tour go on sale

The price of each ticket is 30 million yen, just over $200,000

Fiorentina’s Metaverse: an NFT collection for the team’s 95th anniversary

An exhibition in a virtual space celebrates the Italian team's birthday

Football and cryptocurrencies, the close relationship in Italy

With fans away from the stadiums, crypto companies bring in liquidity and create a new bond with supporters

Celebrities and crypto, a good match

From top scorer Messi and the king of gloves Tyson to the actress Paltrow and Sir Richard Branson, here are some VIPs that embrace the blockchain revolution

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