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MCC: Decentraland and The Sandbox are not true metaverses

MCC: Decentraland and The Sandbox are not true metaverses

Adidas launches new NFT wearables collection for the metaverse

It is a new category of interoperable "Virtual Gear" products

Blockchain: conquering the game, even in the Metaverse

Blockchain technology has introduced major changes in the field of economic transactions and gaming.

Walmart: Bitcoin and the metaverse at the heart of corporate strategy

Retailer confirms use of digital assets in its virtual and physical stores

Meta: the biggest bet ever made on a new technology

So far, $70 billion would have been allocated without any certainty of success

Walmart launches its new virtual fitting rooms

At the moment, the new feature is only available to iOS users

The Nemesis officially releases Noku Metaverse: “Nokuverse”

The Nemesis partnered with Noku, the Swiss Web3 platform, for the creation of the “Nokuverse”

Epic Games: $30 million for the metaverse

This is the Hadean metaverse infrastructure, already in development for years and growing rapidly

Music Collectibles as NFTs and what the rise of the Metaverse means for music artists

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have expanded beyond art, GIFs, video game objects, virtual real estate, and collectibles to now include NFT music. Now, musicians who...

6 new altcoins that are potential Bitcoin killers of 2022

SPONSORED POST* Bitcoin is the largest and most popular cryptocurrency; it is traded around $20,000 with a market cap of $433 billion. Yet, investors are...

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