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The crypto partnership between Solana (SOL) and Brave: dApp support available for mobile devices

Full details of the new partnership between Solana and Brave to provide dApp support for mobile devices

Crypto news from Tether (USDT): the launch of Keet Mobile, the fully encrypted p2p chat dApp

Tether, Bitfinex and Holepunch supported by Hypercore launch Keet Mobile

Snowfall protocol pleases investors with working prototype of its Dex and Dapp; Fantom to Expand Its dApp Ecosystem and Polygon to make key upgrades...

First, we had Snowfall Protocol (SNW), a cross-chain bridging solution, launched its dApp and DEX prototype

Oryen Network (ORY) dApp Going Live, Cronos (CRO) And Algorand (ALGO) Holders Are Intrigued

As the world of decentralized finance continues to evolve, Oryen Network is making a massive splash with the launch of its highly-anticipated dApp, OryenSwap

Dapper Labs against Russian accounts

Due to the new sanctions package launched by the European Union, the company is blocking all crypto accounts traceable to Russia

BNB Chain launches new platform – DappBay

BNB Chain launches DappBay platform. Red Alarm feature will alert users to potential scams.

GameStop launches Ethereum Layer 2 Wallet for ETH, NFTs and dApps

The new wallet is available as an extension for browsers and iPhones

Coinbase app now integrates Ethereum dApps

A new tab with a browser will be available to access various decentralized applications

UFC and Dapper Labs jointly launch a new NFT collection

UFC Strike: the new Non-Fungible Token experience for MMA fans

First EOS dApps authorized by the government in Venezuela

These are EOS Micro Loan and EOS Market Place

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