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The Cryptonomist and The Nemesis launch a new project and create the first talk show in the metaverse

The talk show will deal with different topics, from crypto to digital art

The Nemesis officially releases Noku Metaverse: “Nokuverse”

The Nemesis partnered with Noku, the Swiss Web3 platform, for the creation of the “Nokuverse”

New content in The Nemesis metaverse with LiveNOW

The Nemesis expands by targeting Gen Z

Metaforum: a treasure hunt to win NFTs and other prizes with The Nemesis and Cryppo

A "side event" will take place in Lugano on 13 June combining metaverse and reality

The Nemesis brings the Formula 1 Grand Prix into the metaverse

On the occasion of the Principality of Monaco's most exclusive event of the year, the Formula 1 Grand Prix lands in the metaverse with an evocative virtual version of the Monte Carlo street circuit.

The Nemesis to host Piazza Di Siena in the metaverse

Great innovation in the equestrian world, which becomes part of the metaverse

The Nemesis brings Serie A football into the metaverse

Milan-Fiorentina is the first match broadcast with NFT-based tickets

Video Interview with gamer Nathix on The Nemesis metaverse

A few days ago The Cryptonomist interviewed the video games influencer

The Nemesis to host NFTs virtual Expo in June

Bridging the gaps between technology, gaming, non fungible tokens, and more

The Nemesis and Cryptonomist: new episode with Giovanni Motta

Every week new live interviews with key players from the world of non-fungible tokens

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